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About Duncan Law Firm LLC

DUI? Duncan! is a law firm dedicated to defense and we want to provide you with expert DUI representation at an affordable price. Call as soon as you finish viewing our website and talk with a seasoned DUI attorney, not a paralegal, not a secretary. If you were arrested for DUI, we can help!  Several payment plans with absolutely zero interest are available. For your convenience, you may call or text 24/7. We are available to help you right now, so don’t delay calling us. 

With Duncan Law Firm LLC, you get hard work and fast action…. always! The mere fact that you have been arrested does not make you automatically guilty legally. The arresting officer does not have the final say in the outcome of your case, and we are here to fight for you. The goal for your case is to get the charges dismissed or reduced. We want to protect your driving privileges and keep you out of jail. We cannot guarantee success; however, we do guarantee that the hard work and fast action will be done by an experienced DUI lawyer.

You need someone to fight hard for you, at Duncan Law Firm you will be represented by an experienced DUI trial lawyer. The firm was originally founded by Jim Duncan, who retired in 2018. Tiffini Duncan is a former State Prosecutor (in Richmond County State Court), who joined the firm in 2010 and became managing owner in 2015. She has been a licensed attorney since 2005 and knows the system well. She conducts trials and hearings on a regular basis. Being a DUI trial lawyer helps her to negotiate with the prosecutors; they know that Duncan Law Firm FIGHTS for our clients. Every case is investigated thoroughly.  Experience does count, especially in DUIs and can make a big difference. 

The majority of our practice is devoted to DUI DEFENSE, which makes the firm very experienced handling traffic and misdemeanor charges. We also represent people charged with any traffic violation, misdemeanor shoplifting, and misdemeanor marijuana charges. Convenient payment plans are available for those type cases as well. We also handle personal injury cases. Call for a free case evaluation.

Don’t leave your future up to a lawyer who doesn’t care deeply about defending DUIs. Call DUI? Duncan!

For your convenience, we accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and personal checks. Here are just SOME of the things we do if you choose us to represent you:

1. Review any administrative license suspension request to be sure that your driving privileges are not interrupted if possible and represent you at the administrative license suspension hearing (call and we will explain what this is, but call quickly...there are time deadlines).
2. Represent you at your initial court appearance, usually the arraignment.
3. File discovery motions and suppression motions; hold hearings when warranted.
4. If there is a video of your arrest we file the necessary request for a copy, and we make a copy for your review and send it to you.
5. Review the states discovery responses to see if there are legal defenses and send copies to you.
6. Negotiate with the prosecutor to try to get the charges dropped or reduced where appropriate. We are accessible and send copies of all correspondence to you immediately.
7. Represent you at sentencing so that your case is presented properly to get you the best possible outcome under your circumstances.
8. If not in the office when you call, we will return your call promptly; we are accessible to you.

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Ask around. Talk with local deputies, court personnel, even prosecutors. Duncan Law Firm has the reputation as a hard-hitting DUI defense firm, the firm to call if you are facing a DUI charge!

Let's fight together to protect your license, driving record, and peace of mind. Call or text 24/7! Call right now and ask for Tiffini Duncan.

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