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When to Call a DUI Defense Attorney

DUI penalties can be very serious. If you have been charged for DUI and are planning to fight the charges or minimize the penalties, retaining a DUI defense attorney is your best bet. The experienced DUI defense attorneys at Duncan Law Firm LLC can help you build a viable defense, persuade the prosecution to reduce or drop the charges, and prevent your license to drive from being suspended.

When There Is No DUI Case:

If the police officer had no legal justification to pull you over and arrest you, or if he did not follow the appropriate legal procedures while arresting you, any evidence obtained during the arrest may be deemed inadmissible. Duncan Law Firm LLC knows how to review arrest reports and testimony and look for ways to get the evidence dismissed.

When to Retain a DUI Attorney:

Immediately after being arrested for a DUI, you should call upon a reputable DUI defense attorney, like those at Duncan Law Firm LLC. Remember, you have the right to remain silent during a police interrogation. If you took the breathalyzer test, you should call on an experience DUI defense attorney for advice. Under most conditions you have only ten days to contest an administrative license suspension subsequent to a DUI arrest in Georgia, so you want to contact a good DUI attorney quickly. The experienced lawyers at Duncan Law Firm LLC will educate you and walk you through the process of making your defense.

Finding a Lawyer:

DUI law is complex, and only an experienced DUI defense attorney will be able to give you the best opportunity of getting your case reduced or dismissed. Hiring an experienced DUI trial lawyer will provide you with your best chance of obtaining your desired result. Remember, you do not have to go to jury trial to gain the benefits of hiring a DUI trial attorney. Prosecutors know who will take a case to trial and who will not, so hiring an experienced DUI trial lawyer from Duncan Law Firm LLC can help you.

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