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What Makes a Good DUI Lawyer?

A good DUI lawyer has earned a reputation that is recognized by law enforcement, the courts, and the legal community. When looking for an experienced DUI lawyer, this is the type of counsel you should be seeking. If you have time, you can observe various DUI lawyers in the courtroom. Check out their court presence and see if they are respected by the prosecution, judges, and court employees. Observe their professionalism and if they have control of the courtroom. Ask if any of the lawyers teach DUI law to other lawyers and have spoken at seminars sanctioned by the State Bar of Georgia as Jim Duncan has. These are some of the things you should look for when choosing a good DUI defense lawyer, such as those at Duncan Law Firm LLC in Augusta.

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You can get a general idea of how experienced an attorney is regardless of whether you meet in person or talk over the phone just by gathering some essential information. For instance, you can ask how many DUI jury trials the lawyer has defended recent years. A good lawyer will have had many of his cases reduced or dismissed and this is the lawyer you should consider retaining. You can ask if the DUI lawyer regularly files motions at arraignment for his DUI clients and if he sends a copy of any necessary videos to his clients.

Whether you decide you want to plea bargain or to go to trial, hiring an experienced attorney to represent you is very important. The majority of the caseload at Duncan Law Firm LLC is DUI defense, and Duncan Law Firm LLC will take your case to jury trial if you so to do choose. They are seasoned DUI trial attorneys who will work hard to get you the best result possible.

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