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How DUI attorneys can help you with a DUI

How DUI Attorneys Can Help You with a DUI Charge:

When you have been arrested for DUI, you could face losing your license or privilege to drive in Georgia along with serious other penalties, including high fines and jail time. These types of convictions can have a very negative effect on your life. Any person who is charged with DUI should look for talented, competent, and highly experienced DUI lawyers to help with their case. Many people think DUI charges are not that serious, but often a DUI conviction can have dramatic effects on current jobs, future jobs, and education.

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When it is illegal:

In Georgia if you have an alcohol concentration of .08 grams or more in your system, are over age 21, and were operating a vehicle; it is illegal. If you possess a CDL license, the limit is .04; and if under 21, the limit is .02. Additionally, being unable to drive safely due to alcohol or drugs regardless of the amount in your body is illegal, also. The main focus at Duncan Law Firm LLC is DUI defense. Hiring this firm will provide you with a better chance of reducing your punishment or getting your DUI charge reduced or dismissed altogether.

First Offense penalties:

Normally you can expect 40 hours of community service, a license suspension for four months (you can be issued a limited permit during this time, though), a fine of up to $1,000, and a minimum of 24 hours in jail. Once you have attended a DUI school and paid a reinstatement fee, your license can be reinstated (unless you are under 21 or the holder of a CDL).

For those drivers under 21, the suspension period is 6 months to one year depending on the alcohol level and how the case is pled (no limited permit is allowed). For CDL drivers, the suspension period is for one year; however, a limited permit to drive non-commercial vehicles can be issued for that year.

Second Offense penalties:

Normally you can expect a four month hard suspension (no limited permit), 8 months of interlock, and then 6 months with a limited permit. There is mandatory 72 hours in jail with 240 hours of community service and fines up to $1,000.

Check your jurisdiction to see if DUI Court is available, as the penalties for a second offense can be dramatically altered to minimize the penalties. The DUI lawyers at Duncan Law Firm LLC know the local DUI Court system well and can explain it in detail to you.

The DUI lawyers at Duncan Law Firm LLC will work hard to negotiate with the prosecution to get your DUI charge reduced to terms that you can accept. Should they not be able to get your DUI charge reduced before going to trial, the lawyers at Duncan Law Firm LLC are experienced DUI jury trial lawyers who have won many difficult cases. If you want a DUI jury trial, Duncan Law Firm LLC is the firm to contact.

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