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What is the best way to choose the lawyer to represent me in my DUI in Augusta, GA?

Remember this: DUI lawyers are not created equally. Some are better than others, and some have more specialized training than others. Just because someone is a lawyer doesn't mean they can do the same job for you.

Many lawyers handle multiple types of cases and often handle only a few DUIs, if any, on a monthly basis. Although most lawyers in Augusta, GA, can represent you in your DUI, you deserve top notch representation!

There are many ways to determine which lawyer is the best choice for you. A lawyer should be receptive to your inquiry as to his qualifications. You should ask any lawyer that you are considering hiring the following questions:

  1. How long have you been licensed to practice law in GA? Generally speaking, the longer a lawyer practices the more proficient he will become, although this is not always true.
  2. How long have you handled DUI cases in Augusta, GA? You should prefer someone who has practiced for long enough to have a good grasp of DUI law, both legal knowledge and practical knowledge.
  3. What percentage of your overall practice is in DUI defense in Augusta, GA? ;You want someone with extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the local court system.
  4. How many DUI jury trials have you conducted as a defense lawyer in Augusta, GA? This is a real tip off as to who will fight hard for you. A good DUI lawyer will take your case to jury trial if need be and is not afraid or unable to present your case to a jury.
  5. Do you file pretrial motions and get any available video of the arrest? You have a right to see the video, and filing various motions can be crucial to any DUI defense in Augusta, GA.
  6. Ask him about customary penalties for first, second, or third DUI convictions in Augusta, GA. Your DUI lawyer should be able to give you fairly specific answers to this question and not just recite the law, as each jurisdiction varies in its application of the law.
  7. Ask him the ins and outs of Accountability Court in Augusta, GA. Your DUI lawyer should have extensive knowledge about how this court works and how it may benefit you. Brochures are available detailing how this court works, and he should be able to provide one to you.

You can also:

  1. Ask around with court personnel. They know the best DUI lawyers, as they are aware of outcomes and know which DUI lawyers in Augusta, GA, are the "go to" DUI lawyers.
  2. Check with law enforcement deputies. They definitely are keenly aware of the most competent DUI lawyers. They know the DUI lawyers who fight and who are good negotiators. They know which DUI lawyers handle a lot of DUIs.
  3. If you know any judges, ask them. Generally they know which DUI lawyers in Augusta, GA, do the best job for clients.
  4. You can also ask any prosecutors that you know. They also know which DUI lawyers are the best ones to hire in Augusta, GA.
  5. Check out the DUI lawyers' websites. Many have success stories, and you can see what they have done for other clients accused of DUI in Augusta, GA.
  6. Find out if the DUI lawyer has ever taught DUI law to other lawyers. Some DUI lawyers are invited to teach and lecture at seminars. This is a major qualifier, and any DUI lawyer in Augusta, GA, who has taught or lectured other DUI lawyers at the State Bar of Georgia headquarters in Atlanta or locally usually has specialized DUI knowledge.
  7. Finally, meet the DUI lawyer. It is your money and your life. You have a right to choose a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable. You have a choice in lawyers, and your DUI lawyer in Augusta, GA, should be professional and courteous to you as should his staff. He/She should be accessible to you when you have questions. You should never have trouble contacting your lawyer. He/She should always return calls promptly if unavailable when you call.

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