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10 Tips to Know if You Are Pulled Over for Suspicion of DUI in Augusta, GA

  1. Be sure you are careful when pulling over. Use your turn signal and do not take a long time before pulling over safely. Get entirely off the road if possible.

  2. Do not get out of the car. It is important to stay in the car. The deputy will approach you, and then after talking with you briefly may go back to his car to do a license and registration check. The police pull over a lot of people, and they do not immediately know who poses a threat to them and who does not. Stay in the vehicle until the deputy tells you otherwise.

  3. Don’t do anything suspicious when pulled over in Augusta, GA. Your DUI lawyer would not want for you to have appeared to try to hide something or empty any bottles.

  4. You need to just do as the deputy instructs. Listen carefully, as he is judging your responses as to logic and manner of speech. Your DUI lawyer may be able to explain away speech problems, but try to talk clearly and logically.

  5. As your DUI lawyer will tell you, arguing with the deputy is not a good idea. This is not the place or time to argue. Argument is for the courtroom and your DUI lawyers to make on your behalf.

  6. Try to answer the deputy’s questions, but do not volunteer information. Many times a DUI lawyer will point to statements made that initially do not appear to be harmful to your case, but later become problematic.

  7. Remember that most deputies who patrol for DUIs in Augusta, Georgia, have video/audio recording equipment in the vehicle. Everything you say and do may be being recorded in Augusta, GA, so be careful as to what you say and do. Generally, the less said the better.

  8. Remember that the field sobriety exercises are voluntary in Augusta, Georgia. Your DUI lawyer will tell you that you are not required to take them. These exercises are designed for you to exhibit clues for arrest. Usually it is best not to agree to do them in Augusta, GA.

  9. An experienced DUI lawyer will tell you that generally it is better to refuse all breath, blood, and urine sampling. There can be license ramifications for such a refusal; however, an experienced DUI lawyer will tell you that high readings can be difficult to defend.

  10. Remember that the video/audio recording continues usually until you get to the police station in Augusta, GA. It is better to just remain silent while in police custody, as you are already under arrest and talking only give the police more evidence against you most of the time.

  11. When you contact your DUI lawyer in Augusta, GA, be sure to take all the paperwork that was given to you when you were released from jail or given to you at the scene. Your DUI lawyer will need as much information as possible early on to help defend your case.   

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